Election 2012, 2011

Icons for Wall Street Journal's Election 2012 coverage.

ABC News, 2011

Icons for ABC News Blogs & Posts.

Baum: The Jobs Bill That Begets No Jobs, 2011

Illustration for Caroline Baum’s column in the Bloomberg View, “What Do You Call a Jobs Bill That Begets No Jobs?”

OurGoods, 2011

Vector illustrations for, a bartering platform for creatives that I started with four other partners.

The Eternal Adventures of Don Calatrava, 2009

A series of illustrations to accompany David Barringer’s short, surrealistic essay on Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava’s buildings. The ink was made from rust residue.

The essay and illustrations appeared in the May 2009 “Design in Spain” issue of now defunct I.D. Magazine.

Orecast, 2008

A set of icons and identity for Orecast, a service that recommended clothing based on local weather conditions.